Kick – off meeting

The Kick – off meeting was hold in Chisinau, Moldova at 18-21 February 2019.
Every partner sent 1 person who was responsible for whole duration of this project on behalf of each partner organization to the kick-off meeting.

The meeting was focused on a set of agreements on: 
– Project management: communication channels and quality control; 
– monitoring, reporting and financial reporting standards; 
– Detailed presentation, discussions and agreements on the project main activities.

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Was decided to implement the following activities, oriented of the project’s target achievement:
– International training course in Moldova; 
– Job shadowing mobilities in the EU countries; 
– Local labs; 
– Competition;
– Tool-kit development; 
– Online platform;
– International Seminar in Belgium; 
– Project visibility and dissemination of results; 
– Project sustainability and impact;
– Evaluation – Q&A.