Job Shadowing in EU countries

JS in EU countries for the participants from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 

As the project is about capacity building and continues for two years, it contains several activities, such as training courses and seminars, local labs and several job shadowing.

Duration of Job shadowing in EU countries is 16 days. During the job shadowing the participants will be partly participating in host organization daily activities, working on divided parts of the intellectual outputs of the projects – the share of the parts shall be organized prior departure according to the potential contribution of host organization and profile of the participant it hosts. 

Dmitrii Surovtzov
He is a hosting coordinator from NGO “ADVIT Moldova” and has implemented his JS in “CODEC vzw”, Belgium

Uliana Iaros
JS from Moldova, attending the project in “Geoclube”,
Portugal. She is a sending coordinator from “ADVIT Moldova”

Salome Jimsheleishvili
She is a MA student in Tbilisi state university at American Studies, youth worker and project coordinator from Georgia. Has implemented the JS in “CODEC vzw”, Belgium

Anna Datiashvili
Student of sociology and science of English language. Start-up business owner. During the project she visited organization PlanBe, Plan it Be it, Cyprus

Garnik Sargsyan 
He is currently studying in Yerevan State University as a Service specialist. Facilitator at “YouthMix” projects. Has implemented the JS in sunny Italy, Connecting Europe.

Arsen Hayriyan
President of “Youth Mix” – organization that gives many opportunities to young people. Owns PhD in Economics & implemented the JS in Associacio Tabala, Spain

Regina Donets
She works at the Academy of Sciences and search for new herbal antibiotics, studies at the magistracy. She is a guest of the board of NGO “Fialta”, coordinator of ESC and organizer of popular science lectures. Het JS was done at Associacio Tabala, Spain

Iryna lukashenka
Art manager in contemporary art field, creative industries.
 Co-founder of ARTONIST – center for the development of creative initiatives, Minsk, Belarus. Iryna’s JS was implemented in PlanBe, Plan it Be it, Cyprus

Kristina Kitsula
Representative of NGO “Development Center Pangeya Ultima”. She is a teacher of English & German; an actress of a dramatic theatre. Also works as an ESC-coordinator and a project manager in “Pangeya Ultima”.  Attended the JS at Connecting Europe, Italy

Iaroslav Gerashchenko
He is a founder of “Pangeya Ultima” & interested in the rural development topics and believes there’s a great potential for the realization of non-formal education in the countryside as the programs are very practical and healthy. Has implemented the JS in Geoclube, Portugal