This project is created thanks to the solid partnership of the following organizations:

ADVIT – Moldova

ADVIT/ICYE Moldova is National Committee of the ICYE Federation. ADVIT Moldova is official multiplier organization of SALTO EECA and coordinator of volunteer meetings in Moldova.
ADVIT stands for Association for Development, Voluntary Service and Information for Youth. We are a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization, started by and for young people, to involve young people from all countries as well as Moldovan youth, with and without professional experience.
Our main activities are:
– to promote dialogue and contact between young people from all over the world;
– to create favorable conditions for cooperation between youth from different cultures and nations;
– to develop the spirit of volunteerism among youth;
– to provide information and youth education according current aspects of Europe;
– to inform youth in such spheres like: education, culture and social activities.

ADVIT Moldova has a vast experience in EVS and other voluntary services. Being engaged in international voluntary activities since 2004, the staff of ADVIT is very experienced in working with local and international volunteers. ADVIT Moldova is the biggest EVS contact point organization in Moldova, also sending and hosting organization, thus the experience besides being vast is also diverse and all-out.

Youth Association Droni – Georgia

Youth Association DRONI is a non-governmental youth organization with the mission to promote the establishment of a modern, healthy, educated and perfect society. In order to meet this task the association has been implementing the educational and Youth development programs.
DRONI was established in 2003 (and has updated the registration in 17.12.2010) and its working mainly in education field with different target groups (children, youth, students, teachers, refugees).
Organization is mostly focusing its activities to the Caucasian region and cooperates with different NGOs in Europe.
The organization has been providing activities on:
– Human Rights Education and Gender Issues;
– Youth Participation & Active Citizenship;
– Media Literacy and communication;
– Conflict Prevention and Peace-building.

DRONI is actively involved in Youth In Action Erasmus+ program, and some of its projects were considered as a best practices (EVS on Bike, YE we can do it etc) DRONI is activity involved in youth field and is one of the first youth NGO which is promoting volunteering, non-formal education, youth participation and active citizenship, as well as cross sectorial cooperation. Since its existence organisation has implemented many innovative international, national and local projects.

CODEC stays for Association for European Cooperation, Development and Communication. Mission of our organization is to promote European policies and values that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. At CODEC, you will meet design thinkers, project managers, communicators, education specialists, and technology and social media experts that can respond to your organisation’s needs and understand the social challenges you wish to address.
Participation forms the core of our methodology and is central to our creativity. Our projects and campaigns engage people of all ages. We take an idea, share it among protagonists and empower them to get actively involved. Our activities are based on the following principle: on entrusting people to define the problem of significance to them, acquire knowledge about it, envision possible solutions and then take action to address the problem and bring about change.

The core team consists of specialized and versatile staff, of different nationalities. Each day, they bring their specific expertise, diverse cultural insights, and joint commitment to social change – to everything we do. The global network of partners and collaborators shares our participatory methodology, and enables us to develop projects anywhere in the world.

Youth Mix – Armenia

Youth Mix is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organization founded in 2013 and officially registered in 2016 by a group of young enthusiasts, who decided to combine their efforts on common goals. Our work is based on non-formal methodology, it is in line with the values and priorities of the European Union and we try to solve problems of youth in different spheres according to that path.
The right to final settlement of any issue of the organization’s operations and management belong to the supreme body of the organization, the General Assembly, which is convened once every two years and currently consists of young people under 30.
The mission: Boost society betterments by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing young people to raise their voices, and create real change through volunteerism, non-formal education and active citizenship.
The vision: Shaping the future by unleashing, advancing and utilizing the full potential of youth.

Aims and objectives of “Youth Mix”:
– Share values of respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.
– Encourage youth entrepreneurship, run activities aiming to reduce youth unemployment and develop innovative approaches for this goal.
– Promote active participation of youth in social life, likewise popularizing volunteerism among youth.
– Develop cooperation between young people in Armenia and abroad, in order to handle common problems, share practice, and take global actions.
– Contribute to the intercultural learning and cross cultural dialogue.
– Develop non-formal education and promote its methodology.
– Contribute to the preserving of environment and stimulate active healthy lifestyle among youth.
– Share information about ongoing and upcoming youth events, projects, seminars, training courses, etc., in order to increase the awareness among youth and give them opportunity to participate.  
 In short, all our activities are designed by youth for youth.

Development Centre Pangeya Ultima – Ukraine

Development center Pangeya Ultima is the Ukrainian non-governmental, non-profit organization (est. 2012) composed of youth, youth workers and third sector experts. Main mission statement: Fostering intercultural dialogue, creation of opportunities for personal development and emancipation of people, facilitation of sustainable development of communities.
Programmes of the NGO encompass a range of topics the most active of which are the promotion of active citizenship, self-development of people and community development, media and communication, arts and culture, entrepreneurship stimulation (especially socially-inclined forms of entrepreneurship), environmental protection and tourism development, etc.
The activities of the NGO are often based on non-formal education and utilization of international mobility programmes. With this the organization pursues its fundamental mission – facilitation of the intercultural dialogue. This is enshrined in the name concept of the organization. The NGO provides intercultural learning and encourages participation in the international context among its target groups, particularly promotes European awareness.

The NGO acts a lot on the local level and state levels, has a considerable profile of international activities. Locally the NGO operates as a center of mobility, non-formal education and self-development, its participants uncover their individual potential and help exploit the potential of own communities for the sake of sustainable development and democratic transformation in society. The NGO promotes active cooperation and has forged numerous and strong partnerships with other CSOs, educational establishments, international organizations, public bodies and businesses.

Youth Education Centre Fialta– Belarus

Youth Education Center “Fialta” was founded on the 17th of February 1995. Fialta’s mission is to help those who get in touch with the organization to consciously determine their own life stand and develop a free and flexible way of thinking. The fundamental activities of Fialta are seminars and trainings for young people that encourage developing of knowledge and skills, active participation and involving youth in the process of solving problems of the society. Fialta’s projects address young people (14-30 years old), youth workers and specialists from others NGOs.

Fialta had been working with ”Youth in Action”/”Erasmus+” program from 2003, organizing and taking part in youth exchanges, hosting and sending volunteers. Members of Fialta are youth leaders, trainers, who implement projects for young people on local and international level. Fialta is a part of international network “SALTOEECA multipliers network” of European Union Program ‘Youth in Action’/Erasmus plus with a mission of promoting non-formal education for young people.

Geoclube is a Youth Association founded in 2000 by a group of teachers and students from the high school of Gondomar city center.
The main objective of the association is to foster the active participation and the involvement of young people in the decision-making process of their education and their future. Moreover, Geoclube – Youth Association aims to create opportunities for young people to be active, to participate and to have special interest in issues that concern directly their future, such as Education, Policies, Economics, Democracy, Social problems, Employability and Environment related issues.
We have two offices: one in the House of Volunteering of the Municipality of Gondomar, and a second one located inside the Parish of União de Freguesias de Gondomar, Valbom e Jovim where we cooperate to promote opportunities for youth.

Their main target group are young people from 12 years old to young adults until 35 years old and also all the educational community that is involved in the education system: parents, teachers, counsellors, social workers and others. For a more effective work, we established partnerships with local private and public Institutions from Gondomar’s local community.
With these local partnerships, we intend to enlarge our scope of action, promoting an integrated approach with the cooperation of all the institutions and community in order to promote the active participation and inclusion of young and adult people in the society. This process will increase the motivation and the positive expectations among young and adults providing them the self-confidence necessary for pursuing a better future and professional opportunities.

Associacio Cultural Tabala – Spain

TABALA is Spanish non-profit cultural association that contributes to create long-term links between different persons and organizations. Our NGO promotes concepts of development, inclusion and importance of volunteering culture. As well we promote solidarity and tolerance to foster the social cohesion and cooperation among different UE’s countries. 
The institution focuses on institutional capacity-building for individuals and institutions through training programs, conferences, workshops, as well as creation of partnerships with other institutions regionally and internationally providing a platform for the exchange of experiences. With the aim to increase knowledge and capacities of leaders by strengthening independent thinking, social tolerance, conflict management, free dialogue, and leadership. 

Their target groups are young unemployed people and adult learners from Spain. Youth unemployment rate in Spain from 20-35 years is almost up to 60%. Lack of motivation is a serious problem, now a days, even that labor market is presenting them possibilities of employment through different ways of engagement. Sharing experiences between them and /or from different cultures, from different point of views, could bring short and long term solution.
As well many of our associates are immigrants or returned Spanish migrants that now reside in the region. There were over 4.5 million migrants’ residents in Spain, corresponding to 10% of the total population. The number of illegal immigrants arriving in Spain jumped by 68 percent, the majority entering via Spain’s North Africa. Migrants and hosts face a cultural clash so our activities help somehow to smooth this cultural shock and promote social participation to develop better understanding locally.

PlanBe, Plan it Be it is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus, managed by a team of youth workers, project managers and volunteers. One of the main aims of “PlanBe” is to contribute to the positive societal changes by promoting effective communication between youngsters, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, by facilitating understanding among people. The mission of our organization is to develop and support the use of non-formal education, to foster entrepreneurship, to boost creativity, to support environmental consciousness, to foster democracy and human rights and to develop solidarity and tolerance among youngsters.

Their main focus is to promote the cultural heritage of Cyprus and bring youngsters closer to their tradition, to traditional jobs and the agriculture of our island, and to narrow down the generational gap between the older and the younger generations.
PlanBe has been established to support young people from all over Cyprus within the framework of non-formal and informal education. Together with volunteers coming from all over Europe, we are creating a fruitful ground for young people to reach their goals, to gain new skills, to get to know their culture and cultural heritage and to promote mobility. We are working for and with the youngsters. We encourage their involvement in the civic space of Cyprus by facilitating innovative free time activities, by stimulating their creativity and by developing their different skills. We support youngsters to use and develop their capacities, and to actively participate in the vision of a united Europe in order to foster European cooperation.

Connecting Europe is a not-for-profit association, founded in 2011 and initially named “Work in progress”, is located in Girifalco, a small village in the heart of southern Italy’s Calabria region.
Since its establishment, Connecting Europe has built a network of opportunities for youth organisations, institutions and groups, in both the public and private sector, of which more than 20 municipalities are active in the province of Catanzaro.

Connecting Europe is also committed to promoting cultural events, music contests, educational conferences, awareness campaigns, book launches, meetings and training courses in multicultural and multidisciplinary projects. Such activities are aimed at students in both schools and universities, along with a variety of events in the fields of sports, arts, cinema and theatre.
Subject of our interest, it has always been the protection and defence of minorities rights, such as migrants, LGBT, people with disabilities, and whom is discriminated for his religion, ethnicity and social and economic background. We organized in July 2018 a youth exchange with the purpose to spread awareness about migrants and involve/include them to the local environment.
As organisation, we have been working on building activities around the needs and interests of the participants, especially young people, by using formal and non-formal learning methods. Furthermore, each project is intended to foster personal growth and professional development.